Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Lubbock Democrats Lend a Helping Hand

Quoting the press release sent to the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal about the school supply program launched by Leo Flores, precinct 4 chair:

People Before Politics
Democratic Party hopes to help by handing out school supplies Lubbock--Today members of the Lubbock County Democratic Party distributed school supplies to area students. "We wanted to take care of an extra expense" said Leo Flores one of the event's primary organizers. The Democratic Party understands that high gas
prices have affected working and middle class Americans all over the country including Lubbock. In an attempt to make life easier for parents, any students were eligible to receive the supplies as long as they were present to pick them up. The Lubbock County Democratic Party was hoping to give supplies away all week at its headquarters, located at 2809-A 74th ST, but due to overwhelming response to the
offer, resources were exhausted by the end of the day. Nearly 500 students were able to receive a bag which included: a pencil box, mechanical pencil, protractor, and pencil sharpener--supplies not normally available at school supplies giveaways. The event was organized by Leo Flores and Mary Harris, who put in many long hours and who hope that the event will expand and become an annual occurrence. The supplies were purchased with donations from members of the Lubbock County Democratic Party. Flores was quoted as saying, "the Democratic party knows how much high gas prices have affected those in our community, and how many expenses come with the beginning of school." The Lubbock County Democratic Party welcomes anyone to drop by party headquarters at 2809-A 74th ST anytime to discuss any concerns they may have, and reminds the residents of Lubbock that it puts people before politics.


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