Friday, April 15, 2005

Rep. Neugebauer's position on Social Security

I sent this email to Rep. Neugebauer this morning:

I was a member of a group that met with Jim Clark in Lubbock yesterday. The subject was Social Security. We urged Mr. Clark to convey to you our opposition to privatization of any part of Social Security. Mr. Clark said he could not assure us that you would vote against privatizing Social Security and that you favored a plan like that in Chile. This causes me great concern because of what the people and government of Chile have experienced: The Chile model has been a disaster for all but the most well-off. Fees have eaten up about 30% of peoples accounts and now the government has to make up the difference for many destitute retirees.
Mr. Clark pointed to privatization as a solution for the solvency problem, but President Bush has already acknowledged that privatization will not solve that problem.
I urge you to reconsider your position and protect Social Security from privatization. Thank you, your constituent, Sue Weninger

Call or write or fax or email Rep. Neugebauer with your thoughts on Social Security. Thanks


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