Thursday, August 19, 2004

Lubbock City "Leaders" are at it again!

At the most recent Lubbock City Council meeting, the newest budget has allocated $0 for books for the libraries for the upcoming year. They are also discussing closing the libraries two hours early each day.

I emailed the following to each City Council member and submitted it as a letter to editor with the AJ. If you agree with my position, PLEASE take the time to call or email each city council member.

The text of my email to the Coucil Members was as follows:
"In May 2004 Lubbock citizens overwhelmingly supported a bond issue to provide necessary capital improvements to our libraries. When 10,366 of us said "yes" to higher taxes to support these important facilities, we didn't dream the city council would so quickly turn a deaf ear.

$0.00 for books for the next upcoming year is not acceptable. Closing libraries early is not acceptable either.

The people of Lubbock have told you these facilities and services are important to us. It's your turn to show that you are listening."

I hope you can will make your voice heard.


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