Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Bicycle Safety in West Texas

I know it's ranging a bit far from our main issues here at West Texas Voice (water, health care, agriculture), but I have to say something about bicycle safety. I just got a report from a bicyclist in Amarillo where a hit-and-run driver in a Tahoe hit three riders. Here's part of the eyewitness report: “Within minutes EMS arrived and took the rider with the more serious injuries to the hospital. We were told that the riders were in single file to the right of the white shoulder line when the Tahoe clipped them with his right rear view mirror knocking all three guys into the ditch. Apparently the only rider actually hit was the rear guy and he was thrown into the air knocking his buddies into the ditch. Pieces of the shattered mirror were scattered along the road and we found one piece with bits of blue cycling jersey on it.”

This is not funny, people. Be respectful when passing bicycles on the road. These are our brothers, sons, husbands, fathers, wives, mothers, daughters and grandchildren. If you think it's kinda cool to shake 'em up a little bit by coming close on the road, it's not. If you think you're gonna show 'em they have no right to be there, you're not. Bicycles are vehicles and have the same right to the road as you in your pickup. If you think it's funny to scare bicyclists, it's not. Slow down, pass bicyclists with caution. Please.

I want you to start thinking about this now because next year Lance Armstrong is bringing a world class bicycle race through West Texas. Be nice. This man is an American hero. Bicyclists are American heroes.


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