Sunday, July 11, 2004

I remember what we are trying to do....

I copied this from an article by William Rivers Pitt on truthout. Go to for the full text. "In an election like this, with the leadership we have [W and his cabal], the more an absolute moral code becomes involved, the easier pickings you are for the ruthless. This election is not about morals, about principles, but simply about who rules. This is how our leaders and their corporate masters think of it, and so we must. There is so much to worry about beyond control. When confronted by problems that cannot be immediately fixed, the only solution is to focus upon the problems which can be fixed. How about this for a solution: Win first. Then be good." This clears my mind and helps me work for D candidates that don't exactly suit me to a T, but they are a whole lot closer than any Rs. What do you think?


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