Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Houston bound...

I'm leaving tomorrow morning for my first state party convention. I'll be very excited to greet you all at the West Texas Coalition of Democrats caucus on Friday, 11 a.m., room 318CD. We're going to roll out this blog and open it up to those of you out there who have something to say to everyone in West Texas, well everyone with a computer and this url. Will you please publicize this blog amongst your friends??? In the meantime, I've been doing some work with the Charlie Stenholm campaign (helping organize the meetup in Lubbock). In closing I'll just post this paragraph from the website -- need another reason to campaign your hearts out for him?

“I’ve got more fire in the belly for this one than I ever have before,” explained the Congressman. “It’s a crying shame that the partisan politicians in Washington and Austin tried to take representation away from West Texas. But we’re going to win this campaign and keep our influence and seniority in Congress to provide the best representation for the South Plains and the Big Country.”

Go! Charlie!!


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