Monday, June 28, 2004

A-J Editorial and animal "by products"

I heard Elaine King Miller speak at Friday's TDW South Plains meeting in Lubbock. She's the Democratic candidate for state senate from SD 31. She talked about animal waste in the Panhandle, in her case pig waste poured into vast lagoons separated from the aquifer by a sheet of plastic as thick as a good garbage bag. So when I saw the A-J this morning hailing welcome to dairy farms in Hale County, I began to wonder what they do with the cow waste. King Miller made clear that she's all for the economic development these operations bring to West Texas, but asks what effect 13 times Amarillo's annual human waste just poured out onto the ground might have on our water supply, asks can't something else be done with this by product of hog operations. Please, will a knowledgeable person out there let us know what we can do with these animal by products to protect the water supply. Thanks.


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